at dusk when

at dusk when day is almost end and night is arriving,
I feel cold and loneliness in my heart,
I miss you a lot and wants to cry out loud,
but somehow I could not,
hope someday we both will sit together,
look into each others eyes and tears will flow out.


When I look back

When I look back,
still I can see how happy we are,
talking all days,nights,
your voice is like oxygen to me,
your laughs make me laugh,
telling you some stupid jokes,
on which you sometime laugh,
or sometime pretend to laugh,
whenever you got upset,
I promised and said sorry,
not to hurt you again.
if I say sorry, would you come back,
if I say sorry, would you talk,
if I say sorry, would you laugh,
if I say sorry, would you fight,
if I say sorry, would things be the same as they were,
if I say sorry, would I do stupid things to you again,
please tell me would I.
Please tell me would I.

Her Beauty

Her curly hairs are like puzzles,
I always want to solve them but never succeed,
In this try I always got sleep.

Her eyes are so deep,
Sometime I fear to be drowned,
Or sometime I want to be.

One kiss,
Touch of her lips,
And I feel alive.

Her breath,
Makes me more craving towards her.

Her arms are the only place,
Where I want to be for the rest of my life.

Holding her hands,
Gazing into her eyes,
Nothing else I want from my life.