is it okay to

is it okay to set your loved ones free, watching them making wrong decisions,ruining their lives,hurting themselves and others or do not allow them to make decisions at the first place?

This world is

This world is beautiful as long as you are on my side otherwise it wont interests me.

More I try

More I try to run away from your memories,
More I get closer to them.

For me

For me it’s not about your body or soul but it’s about your eyes and the way you look at me!!

Problem is not

Problem is not the pain in heart but real problem is deep down in heart I do’t want it to be healed.

just want to

just want to sit next to you, looking into your eyes, holding your hands and a kiss, this is the only way to feel alive.

More I think

More I think not to think about you, more i think about you